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AdWords Brings Business Addresses to Ads

Google has launched "location extensions," an AdWords feature that lets clients "extend" campaigns by dynamically incorporating their business addresses.

Users can create local ads with extensions from scratch, or add them to existing text ads, observes Search Engine Land. This makes it unnecessary to build separate ad units for local business ads.

Learn more about location extensions at Google's dedicated overview section; a portion of its help center also covers setting up specific location extensions for individual ads.

"Your ads can show with their relevant extensions on Google and Google Maps and as regular text ads without the extensions on partner sites in the Search and Content Networks," explained Google's AdWords blog.

The feature will be unrolled across the AdWords user base over the next handful of weeks. To access it, click on "Settings" within a given AdWords campaign and select "Show relevant addresses with your ads" under Audience > Locations.


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