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MARKETING JOBS Programatic Networks No Threat… (Tee Hee)

What nice audience

Ad Exchanger conducted a fairly sophisticated interview with CEO Ned Brody, where, among other things, he made a faltering defense for the notion that programmatic media buying doesn't severely degrade premium ad prices.

"We have experimented with different parts of AOL where we have moved from reserved to non-reserved on those sites and have seen increases in yield," said Brody, which is unlikely to comfort reserved inventory sales directors.

"More recently, you’ve seen people like Kellogg’s and Ford and Proctor & Gamble enter programmatic buying to seek out the very best consumers for their offerings," Said Brody. "That still, however, tends to be at a price point below reserve."

The rest of the interview shows not only a good review of AOL/'s successful efforts to eat a piece of the quant pie, but also its attitude and approach to the evolving market.


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