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Adobe, Experian Named Facebook Strategic Marketing Developers: Why It Matters

Facebook certainly is not becoming less important to marketers, hence, its Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) designation. Both Adobe and Experian announced yesterday they had been granted the designation of Strategic Preferred Digital Marketer by Facebook.

Why is it important to marketers? Adobe on its Digital Marketing blog described the significance: "Not only [does Facebook] power the digital relationships and communication between nearly a billion people, [it plays] a critical role in powering relationships that brands never previously had with consumers," so it behooves providers like Adobe to be first in line for betas and product input, and ultimately benefits their customers.
Facebook introduced its PMD program in April this year, and Adobe was the first PMD member to be awarded qualifications Facebook's four marketing APIs (pages, ads, apps and insights; see graphic).

The Strategic PMD designation grants Adobe access to Facebook's product, engineering and support teams, access to new product trials, and collaboration on key features and functionalities. Adobe in turn is one of the first in line to provide guidance and feedback to Facebook on the platform and new marketing products.

So, as Adobe describes, the collaboration offers its customers a platform in Facebook that is tightly integrated with Adobe Digital Marketing product.

For Experian Marketing Services, its Alchemy Social product specifically was qualified by Facebook in the areas of 1) ads management solutions and 2) services and platforms for building socially enabled integrations. Alchemy Social provides a Facebook ad management system enabling marketers to create and drive large-scale social advertising campaigns through what Experian calls a "dynamic and intuitive interface."

Like Adobe, Experian believes this puts its marketing customers ahead of the curve. "Our marketing clients will benefit directly from our development of products designed to create more meaningful, relevant and profitable relationships with their current and prospective customers," said Rachel Bergman, CEO of Experian Alchemy Social.

Facebook pinned Strategic PMD medals on several other providers this week, including Spruce Media and Nanigans. As Nanigans CEO Ric Calvillo described the advantage to itself and its customers, it enables the company to "develop software that maximizes value from the Facebook advertising ecosystem, helping our advertising partners measure and optimize their Facebook ad spend for lifetime customer value."
In the last 90 days Nanigans has announced support for Facebook Exchange, sponsored results in the Facebook search typeahead, Facebook homepage ads and sponsored stories, and Facebook mobile ads and sponsored stories.


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