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Ad-Free Badoo Challenges Facebook, Sells 'Celebrity' to Members

Pay for fame on Badoo

Ever hear of Badoo?

A new social network is on the block and it's ad-free — a dramatic change from the current arms race playing out between Facebook, MySpace and Bebo.

Set to release in the UK, Badoo enjoys a following in Latin America, Spain, Italy, and France. The site rakes in revenue from its userbase through technology called Rise Up.

For about a dollar in any currency, Rise Up allows users have profiles "moved to a rolling list of profiles — in a blend of Digg and a Reuters ticker — that all users can see," according to The Guardian.

The site claims 20 percent of its 12.5 million userbase accesses the function once a month. Badoo's ultimate goal is to "carve a niche in the celebrity market, just as MySpace has in music and Bebo has with youth."

Badoo is also paying non-aspiring celebrities to build a profile.

Fake celebrity profiles are briskly deleted.


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