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ABC Turns to 'Net to Satisfy Broadcast Make-Goods

To make up for waning interest among broadcast audiences, ABC offers dissatisfied TV advertisers streaming web inventory, reports MediaPost.

NBC also planned to offer online-for-broadcast make-goods, but is not currently doing so.

ABC says make-good placement in well-rated shows streamed online, as opposed to on television, is ultimately better for advertisers. CPM rates for streaming episodes are higher than on TV, suggesting audiences are more receptive to online in-video advertising than to TV ads.

But that preference may just result from differences in length between ads online versus on TV. Ad breaks in TV shows can take two minutes, sometimes more. Online ad breaks last 15 to 30 seconds apiece, so users have no time to channel surf or use the bathroom — tactics they implement to avoid TV ads.

Last month ABC announced it would insert more commercials into ad breaks in online shows.


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