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712,000 Views and Counting for New Coca-Cola Happiness Video

A new happiness-themed marketing campaign by Coca-Cola has gone viral, getting more than 712,000 views within its first 24 hours. Launched by Definition 6, the 'Open Happiness' global advertising campaign was introduced this week through Coca-Cola's YouTube channel.

The video features unsuspecting college students who are dispensed small doses of happiness - extra bottles of coke, flowers, missing glasses, 6-foot subs and ballon animals - from a coke vending machine. Definition 6 shot the video on the Queens campus of St. John's University after it installed the specially-equipped vending machine overnight. It also installed several hidden cameras to capture the students' surprised and then delighted reactions.

Younger Demographics

It is a campaign aimed at younger people, Coca-Cola says. "We were looking for a creative way to connect with teens outside of the typical TV commercial or online game," according to A.J. Brustein, Global Senior Brand Manager, Coca-Cola. "We wanted to give them something that would spread a bit of happiness and something they could pass on to their friends to keep the happiness flowing."

The Happiness Theme

Coca Cola clearly believes it has a winner with its happiness themed campaigns. As part of an earlier, more ambitious campaign, Coca-Cola is sending three bloggers around the world in search of what makes people happy.

Called "Expedition 206” three bloggers are traveling to more than 200 countries in one year, documenting their travels through blog posts, Twitter updates, and YouTube videos. They set off this January, starting in Madrid. At each stop, they will meet with locals and share stories. Some stops, such as the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, are pre-planned. Others will be determined by online consumers following the trio.


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