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60 Second Problem Solver: What does Google's Instant Previews for Ads mean for advertisers?

We have a pretty good idea already because Google introduced Instant Previews last November. Then in March it introduced Instant Previews for Mobile and last month, it introduced Instant Previews for Videos, which allows the user to click on the magnifying glass next to the title of any video search result to play through a set of four short previews, assuming they have been provided.  Advertisers shouldn't have been surprised in the least when Google rolled that functionality out to ads this week.

Now it's time to get serious.

First, writes Kevin Ryan, CEO of Motivity Marketing, for Ad Age, it's time to revisit just your landing page optimization strategy. "I'll bet your landing pages aren't optimized to be previewed, are they?"

Second, think ahead to possible tweaks Google might make to its search algorithm. Sooner or later, many have speculated, these preview will become one of the signals it uses for search. "Instant previews can send a powerful signal back to Google about the relevancy of the search results," GSQI writes. "By using instant previews and then not clicking through, users can send that important feedback to Google. Then, based on collecting enough information about a giving search result, Google could potentially impact the future rankings of that listing."

Says Ryan: "now's the time to make sure concise imagery and messaging lives in your search campaigns."


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