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3D Web Graphics May Be Coming to iOS 5 iAD

Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) Engineering may have concluded that WebGL, the a cross-platform API for browser-based 3D graphics, is not safe to use. But the technology, whose development was spearheaded by Mozilla, Google, Opera, AMD, and Nvidia, and endorsed by the Khronos Group (via Beta News) seems to be okay with Apple.

An Apple employee said this week WebGL will be an option on iOS 5 — but for iAds only. "WebGL will not be publicly available in iOS 5. It will only be available to iAd developers," said Apple's Chris Marrin on a WebGL mailing list. (via CNET). CNET explains that WebGL is good for 2D animations such as "sprites" that move around the screen.

Also at Apple…A New Social Networking App

Separately, a new patent application reported by Patently Apple suggests that Apple is working on a new iOS based social networking app that will use data from an iOS device as well as location data to connect people. "The app could identify where you currently are, like a club, but also inform others where you've been such as Paris, New York or events like Macworld or Apple's WWDC so as to provide potential new friends with an ice-breaker for conversation."


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