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3D Advertising Comes to the iPad

Cooliris has developed what it says is the first 3D ad for the iPad - a promotion for a new series that the Weather Channel is running, which follows photographer Peter Lik as he travels across the US to take the perfect photo [video].

How He Did It

Cooliris' CEO Soujanya Bhumkar explained to the BBC that the iPad lends itself easily to 3D because of its touch screen and interactivity. He developed two technologies to render 2D into 3D on the device: PageKit, an animation publishing technology, and RenderKit, a platform for producing immersive mobile ads.

"We are able to represent 3D objects on a 2D device by drawing out all the different angles from the scene. As viewers change perspectives using gestures on their mobile device, we show them the corresponding image," he told the BBC.


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