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3 Tips for SMBs After Yahoo Publisher Network Goes Dark

Small businesses using the self-service platform Yahoo Publisher Network have until April 30 to find a new way to syndicate contextual listing in the wake of Yahoo’s decision to shut down the network. Yahoo suggested a move to Chitika, an advertising network that syndicates Yahoo! Content Match and Sponsored Search ads. However, there are other alternatives to Chitika, should these companies be inclined to shop around. MarketingVOX asked the head of one of these alternatives, Rich Kahn, CEO of search eZanga, (another choice would be LucidMedia) for tips on how to select their next platform.

1. Customer Service is Key. You will want to be able to transfer data as quickly and efficiently as possible to get up and running again, he says. "When you find a company that provides hands-on care, you won’t end up wasting your marketing dollars by starting over."

2. Look for Flexibility and Freedom to Optimize. Look for a network that gives you more control and optimization features throughout the process, beginning with creating the ad and all the way to who sees it, when they see it and for how much, Kahn says. "Working with a flexible online advertising network gives the small business owner more input on how their campaign is being run."

3. Try Vertical Search Engines. Small business owners usually turn to the 'Big Three' search engines first with their marketing budget; however, cost effective marketing can be found elsewhere and for a lower cost per click, he says. So try looking into specific vertical search engines, like, that can relate to your business or even smaller search engines that allow you to reach a niche market. "Not only will you be getting quality traffic, but at a lower cost per click in a less competitive network."


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