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3-D Comes to the iPhone Via Hasbro

Hasbro will put on the market next Spring a new gadget it is calling My3D that will make it possible to view 3-D images via the iPhone and iPod Touch. Looking very much like the classic View-Master from Fisher-Price, My3D attaches onto Apple devices to provide 3-D games, entertainment, and virtual travelogues content (via CNET).

The toymaker is working directly with Apple to develop the gadget.

Content As Well

There is a content piece to this $30 offering as well.  Hasbro is making video content and games available through Apple's App Store, some of which will be free. Furthermore it is partnering with Disney’s 24/7 cable channel that will be all in 3-D to develop My3D content, MSNBC reports.

More Data

Assuming My3D is well received, the industry can expect a surge of 3-D apps and games - and ads as well. The device might also be the answer the ad industry’s questions over the ROI 3-D delivers. Up until recently the few initiatives in this area where done with an eye towards industry acclaim or buzz. In short, it was unclear whether 3-D based ads directly led to increased sales.

ESPN delved into this recently with a study that found 3-D ads are more effective than 2-D. It showed viewers the same ads in 2-D and 3-D, and found that 3-D produced significantly higher scores across all ad performance metrics, generally maintaining a higher level of arousal than the 2-D counterpart.


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